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We, MacCabe Durney Barnes Ltd, intend to apply to An Bord Pleanála for permission for a strategic housing development at this site c.2.47 ha
on lands at Stocking Lane, Ballyboden, Dublin 16.
The development will consist of
  • 131 residential units including:
   - 21 houses (1 no. 3-bed; 11 no. 4-bed; 9 no. 5-bed) of up to two-storey plus roof storey.
   - 2 duplex apartment units (2 no. 2-bed) in a three-storey high block.
   - 108 apartment units (29 no. 1-bed; 59 no. 2-bed; 20 no. 3-bed) in ten apartment blocks up to four-storeys
• A creche of c. 128 sqm at the ground floor of Block L.
• A shop of c. 65 sqm at the ground floor of Block G, with associated storage.
• A total of 167 car parking spaces, of which:
   - 88 are at surface level and 79 in the basement under apartment Blocks F and G.
   - 5 are dedicated visitor parking spaces.
• A total of 288 cycle parking spaces and 5 no. motorcycle spaces.
• A new vehicular access onto Stocking Lane.
• A new pedestrian and cycle access to the Springvale estate to the east.
• New roads, footpaths and cycle paths and connections within the site
• A new pedestrian crossing on Stocking Lane to the north west.
• The expansion and upgrade of the existing pedestrian crossing on Stocking Lane to the south west.

The development also includes landscaped private and public open space, boundary treatment, lighting, play area, an ESB substation, site
drainage works and all ancillary site development works above and below ground.
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